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Exceptional consulting for an evolving industry

What we do

Setting the standard in renewable energy consulting

Adapted Energy is a leading energy infrastructure consultancy specialising in supplying renewable energy clients with industry experts who support the delivery of complex projects.  Utilising the plethora of high-quality talent within our Adapted Community,  we help businesses in offshore wind meet the demands of the global energy transition with world-class people by their side.

Our extensive industry experience, coupled with a true passion for clean energy and strong values,  are the qualities that underpin our success.

Covering a broad range of disciplines,  Adapted Energy supports next-generation energy businesses to realise their ambitions,  no matter how complex they may be.  Practising in advisory, technical and commercial consulting,  we incorporate a unique, comprehensive approach that gets results.


Why us?

A consultantcy with integrity

Many energy consultancies allocate their resources based on financial incentive,  rather than on client-to-consultant suitability.  This inevitably results in inefficiency.  At Adapted Energy,  we do things differently.  By employing a thorough, agile and tailored approach,  we provide our clients with a service that mitigates risk in the delivery of renewable energy infrastructure.

Our Values

Sustainability via transparency

Emphasising an innate openness to our clients and contractors alike,  we create relationships that are based upon transparency,  togetherness and trust.  The result is a team that is just as focussed on integrity as it is on the energy of the future.


The Adapted Community

Efficiency through quality

With a particular focus on both quality and capability, Adapted Energy is bringing efficiency to energy infrastructure consultancy.

The Adapted Community has quickly become a widely trusted source for the acquisition of skilled, committed and highly capable experts in the field of offshore wind.

Our bespoke approach enables us to match our clients with expert resource from our vast pool of proven professionals. JOIN NOW